covid-19 prevention

Hello, Lovelies. We would like to release a public statement regarding LeiLovely's actions to prevent spread of covid-19 and other viruses, we would like to take the time to inform you of our continued efforts in taking great steps to ensure our products are safe, produced in a sanitary environment including but not limited to:

Sanitizing: We sanitize all surfaces, equipment, tools, stocking shelves and person(s) working with our soaps and balms. We wipe down each and every surface with antibacterial wipes and or spray before and after each use. We have a "soap room" that is separate from all other places, secluded with closed door and away from other areas.

People: We continue to wear disposable gloves, masks, hair nets, aprons as well as disposable arm sleeves to ensure no cross contamination of our soaps or balms. We are also adding an extra measure of disposable shoe covers to continue to ensure a great end product for our Lovelies. 

We have always been committed to great products, and greatest efforts taken to ensure a beautiful final product you can enjoy knowing it was safely and securely cared for from beginning to end. We hope this consoles any who hadn't already previously known our sanitary measures we take every day because we LOVE our Lovelies. Thank You.

Sincerely, Tanya Butler

Senior CO and Founder of LeiLovely.