Blackberry Vanilla Soap - | Leilovely

Blackberry Vanilla Soap - | Leilovely

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Blackberry Vanilla soap is a wonderful, luxurious berry delight. Lather up with this delicious luxury bar for an aromatic clean that will leave your skin feeling moisturized from the wonders of olive oil shea butter and kukui nut oils as well soft supple thanks to moroccan argan's ultra-soft texture which rivals any other! If smelling isn't enough convincing then we can tell you about its good for your skin benefits: antioxidant rich ingredients like berries which defend against free radicals damage so there’s nothing better than looking healthy

Blackberry Vanilla Ingredients:

Organic coconut oil, (aqua)water, organic palm oil, soybean oil, food grade sodium hydroxide, sweet almond oil, fragrance oil, castor oil, kukui oil, argan oil, organic raw turbinado sugar, tocopherols(Vit.E), vegetable glycerin, blackberry seed oil, natural oils, plant derived stearic acid, beeswax, mica, lactic acid, titanium dioxide, vanilla stabilizer (to protect color)

* ingredients are organic, sustainable, fair trade & responsibly sourced