Morning Rose Luxury Bar
Morning Rose Luxury Bar
Morning Rose Luxury Bar

Morning Rose Luxury Bar

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Caress your senses and your body in luxurious Morning Rose Bar by LeiLovely. Freshly made in small batches with love, these beauties burst in skin pampering properties with ingredients like tussah silk, rosehip oil, mango butter, avocado oil, kaolin clay and more. Organic, natural goodness in each bar that smells simply fantastic! Turn your daily ritual into a lavish spa experience by indulging your senses and your skin with the soft petaled glow of Morning Rose today.

+ Great bringing better balance to oily skin.

+ Gently detoxify & smooth skin with kaolin clay.

+ Tussah silk for that luxurious silkiness & pampering caress.

+ & more!

Bar weight: +/-  4.5 oz. 

With regular use, each bar should last about a month or so. You may choose a loofah, wash cloth, or one of our natural ramie soap saver pouches which double as a natural wash cloth and gentle skin exfoliation for an added treat! 


coconut oil, soybean oil, (aqua)water, avocado oil, olive oil, food grade sodium hydroxide, mango butter, fragrance, raw turbinado sugar, rosehip oil, beeswax, castor oil, Tocopherol-50 (Vit.E), vegetable glycerin, stearic acid(plant), natural oils, tussah silk, mica, lactic acid, titanium dioxide, kaolin clay

 * ingredients are organic, sustainable, fair trade & responsibly sourced 

Soap Care Tips: To keep soap at its' best and lasting longest, make sure it is not in direct stream or puddles of standing water. Also, the scent will last about a year. Although soap itself will last much longer, it may not be as "fragrant". To further preserve, you may keep in a DRY, airtight container.  We have these cool soap lifts that are made to air out and help soap last longer on your countertop or in your shower.

Morning Rose Luxury Bar